by Marty Rickard

Dear Chief:

Please accept my resignation effective with this letter.  Cop work was fun, but writing is funner.  I just deposited the $100K advance on my first book (that was really fun).  It's called, The Secret Life Of My Former Boss.  You promised to kill me if I wrote it, remember?  I won't waste space here calling you a stupid, unmitigated ass.  That's in the book.  Perhaps someone can read it to you.  My next book, Sexual Positions On The Precinct Desk, is in the works.  Thanks for all your help.

Former Detective Brock

Marty RicKard attended William Penn College, Iowa State University and University of Southern Mississippi, from which he holds a BS degree in journalism and photojournalism.  He also has a Masters Degree in photography.  Marty was a technical writer for White Motor Company, and has worked for the Charles City Press, Mason City Globe-Gazette, and Davenport Times-Democrat.  He owned New Sharon Star, where he was twice named Iowa Master Columnist.  For ten years, Martyʼs regular column appeared in the Professional Photographer magazine.  He has been published in many other magazines, including Golf Digest, Resource Magazine, Picture, Range Finder, and Darkroom. In addition to his writing credits, Marty has won numerous photography awards, has lectured in 48 states, and has traveled internationally as lecturer, and judge.  He was one of thirty from the U.S. to participate in the first cultural exchange with China. He was a regular columnist for Lens Magazine, and is full-time writer of fiction and poetry.  He has published three books

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