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by Ross

He rubs his eyes as he turns his seat toward the window. He loves the afternoon sun on his face. To feel the warmth spread across his skin and a smile break out. Oh the joy. This is a great moment for him because he knows it will soon be shattered. He creases his brow slightly and sees that it is it that time already. Soon his quiet little office will be invaded and all he will be left with is this memory of silence.

The distinct sound of the elevator opening its doors signals that it has begun. The first sound is the footsteps running with excitement down to his office and then the yell of an exhausted woman telling them to slow down. They slam the door open and he smiles wearily . He remembers not too long ago when the door was too heavy for them and now they nearly take it off its hinges. The twins are 7 now and although they are not identical in appearance they are in behaviour. They run around his desk and he turns his seat around toward them. They simultaneously jump on to his lap and remind him that he also is getting older as well. They kiss his cheek and dismissively say hello and then start to play with all the important looking things on his desk but thanks to the pains of experience there is no longer anything of worth left on his desk.

He looks up as she enters the door with their daughter in her hands. She gives him an exhausted smile and it seems flutter off her face , float across the room and right into his chest. He was wrong before THIS is his great moment. He catches the smell of his wife's shampoo as her hair falls on his face when she kisses him. With her free hand she grabs his cheeks and tells him he needs a shave. He simply smiles and nods as he knows a command when he hears one. The twins twist their faces at their parents kissing and bound off his lap to go play. He reaches for his daughter whilst the twins charge off to find mischief . His wife sighs and hands her over then storms off to play traffic police to the devil‘s duo.

He lifts his daughter up to his face and looks deep into her eyes. She squints and so he turns her away from the sun. She then beams at her father as the afternoon light shining through her red hair makes it look like honey. She holds both of his stubbly cheeks with her little hands and then hugs him. She then oh so gently presses a kiss on his cheek and simply says "daddy". He hugs her closer feeling all his problems just drain from his body. He looks to the hallway at the woman with two most adorable and happy boys he has met held firmly under the grasp of her hands and he knows that he is completely hers and always will be. The smell of his daughter in his arms and familiar beat of his heart when he is with them fills him with bliss. This is his life and he loves it. This is what he thinks when they say heaven. Hard earned but so damn worth it. This is love