a Women Writer's' Showcase
by Tina Portelli

Never a loud noise or harsh word did the husband speak to the wife. She adored him and was at his beck and call for everything. My eyes saw that they really adored each other. What a wonderful thing to witness. They would kiss each time he left the house and always on return.

I remember cold winter mornings, her putting his socks on the radiator to heat them up before he got up for work.  They would be nice and warm, ready for his cold feet to slip into. Orange juice was brought to his bedside ready for his dry lips upon awakening.

She would iron his cotton underwear, tee shirts and handkerchiefs. Who does that?  She took joy in preparing his bath, making sure he had a clean set of underclothes ready and waiting. Clean towels, new soap.

Dinner would be on the table at 6:15 PM, waiting for him as he arrived from work each day. As our family sat around the dinner table, we would not pick up a fork until he started eating. No one left the table before saying, "May I". It was a quiet respect for the head of the house.

He never demanded or even asked for this special treatment, he hardly spoke a word. She did these things for him because she wanted to.  Pleasing him pleased her. She was a giving partner, yet feminists today might accuse her of being the victim of male dominance, with no real life but being an ordinary wife.

He loved her and was devoted to her for as long as she lived. Who was this smart woman?

My mother.

Tina says, "I am 54, single and live in Brooklyn, NY.  I work in Manhattan as a full time office manager.  My writing is a newly found passionate hobby. I get my ideas from personal experiences and the adventures of family and friends.  I have never taken a writing class, but three years ago I started practicing meditation.   I attribute my newfound passion of writing to that practice, meditation gave me a clear and open mind.  No better friend than the soul of my pen." Contact Tina.