by Ace Masters

   He waited. And waited and waited. For what he didn't know. He continued to wait because IT said so.

   It didn't matter how many people walked by. How many stared. How many jeered and joked. How many laughed.

   He sat at the corner of the street, naked to the world. His wrinkled skin and fuzzy white hair betrayed his age.

   An age defied by the childlike look of innocence and awe on his face.

   And he waited and waited, because IT said so.

   He didn't notice when they arrived. Didn't notice when the blue van pulled up beside him and two young men got out.

   "Mister James," one said as he walked up. "Mister James, we've been worried about you."

   The second man put a robe around his shoulders. "Mister James. It's time to come home."

   He looked up at the man in confusion. The innocent look from a moment ago still there, but now seemed lost.

   He stood up with the help of the young men and walked to the van. He stopped. "You lied." He stared at IT. The billboard he had been sitting in front of.

   A pure white billboard with a golden border that resembled clouds, in the center of the billboard were two words:

Coming Soon.

   He got into the van and they took him home.


My previous short fiction has appeared in Bare Bones Press, Legions of Light and Pocket Book Heroes. I also served as the head writer for Tag and Bag Comics and Illusion Comics. In addition I am the creator and writer of the comic book titles: "Fireblast, Adventures in the 30th Century," "Full Moon Craze," "Rushmore," and "Wild Boys."
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