a Magazine for Writers
Hi Jane, thanks for taking time
to chat with us.  Please tell us
a little about yourself.

First, my heart:  I'm a mother.

Second, my soul:  I'm a writer.

Third, my love:  Being alive.

Fourth, my life:  I live in New York City where anything and everything is possible.  It is a place of such variety and intensity that there is little judging, mostly acceptance.

Fifth:  my mind:  I'm an idealist, although I function productively in the 'real world'.  My thought process is at the same time philosophical and extra-terrestrial.

Sixth:  My Beliefs:  I believe in compassion, I believe in freedom, I believe in telling the truth, I believe this is a time of massive change manifesting as upheaval, I believe the future will be very good.

Q. How long have you been a writer?

I have always been a writer but never knew it because I am a poor speller.

What made you put that first story down on paper?

A good friend was brutally murdered; his face was shot off.  Injustice drove me to write my first screenplay.

Q. What types of stories do you write?

I love to play around.  Since I never studied writing, I try to write all types of stories as a way of disciplining my skills.  My goal, when writing a story, is to somehow create a surprise for the reader.

Q. What do your family/friends think about your writing?

Writing is a way of Life.

Are they supportive?


Q. For you, what is most frustrating about writing?


Most rewarding?


Q. Do you read much?

I read in occasional intense spurts, but I surround myself with books that I love which I just open up for solace or inspiration.

What kinds of books inspire you to write- if any?

Well-written books inspire me to be creative. I enjoy philosophy, poetry and even perversion.  I love to be fascinated by what I read.

Favorite authors?

Jeanette Winterson, Amos Oz, Proust, Wm. Butler Yeats, Alex Grey, Martin Amis, The I-Ching and currently I'm enjoying Harry Potter (J.K.Rowling),  I have many favorites.

Q. Do you take most of your ideas from life?  Or your imagination?  A mix?

A mix.

(Do you hate when people ask this?)


Q. Do you have days when the words won't flow?


What do you do?

I trust that the reason I'm not writing is because my unconscious is working really hard so I just relax and focus on whatever I've been neglecting- from getting something personal done, to calling an old friend, to organizing bills.

Q. Do you have a 'golden rule' of writing that almost always works for you?

Yes.  If I'm ready to write but not writing whether because I'm blocked or just too busy, when I get a few moments, I focus on whatever I see in front of me no matter how mundane from a door knob, to a blank piece of paper, to the cluttered desktop, a wall etc and I write- describing exactly what I see.

Q. What's the best piece of advice you've been given as a writer?


What's the worst?


Q. The class you'll be teaching in the LSS school is "Fine Tuning the Senses."  Can you describe what it's about?

It's about the connection with your intuition/your self as a writer.  I believe this is done by being more conscious or our other gifts ie vision, hearing, etc.

BTW I'm also teaching "Re-writing your own work," which is an awkward title for a very smooth class.  This class will help writer's fine tune their writing from a perspective of re-writing.

Q. How long have you been teaching?

Although I have my master's in special education, I taught by developing curriculum ideas for educational thinktanks, then worked as a free lance tech writer for Xerox, Educational TV (childrens programming), and as a communications expert for corporations.  Then when I realized I was a writer, I ran a workshop for 6 years primarily developing theatrical scripts and screenplays and also taught writing at SUNY, Manhattanville College and The Bank Street School Of Continuing Education.

Q. Did we forget anything?  What would you like to add?  Any upcoming publications or links for our readers?  Current projects we should watch for?

Yes, I have written a book called "Fine Tuning" which about tuning into what makes you tick. It's a night table book written in the style of "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff" and will be available in 3 months in general but currently is going to be available through www.FineTuningBook.com.

I would like to add that I am looking forward to teaching with the LSS Writing Team.  I think we have a talented group of writers/educators and an awesome assortment of courses.  Also, importantly, I enjoy teaching writing and look forward to my students, who will probably teach me a thing or two.