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H is the first letter of the first name of the protagonist's dear  friend. In H the protagonist seeks to provide her dear friend, H, with  an idea of what the last three years of her life have been like through seven journal-like entries. In the last three years the  protagonist, Clawdia, lost three toes in a car accident involving H,  was left to deal with the shock of her mother walking out on her, and  lives to regret how she treated a sweet young man.

The central question this novel raises is: How does one rebuhisheir  life after losing so much of what he took for granted?  Furthermore,  how does one learn to never again take anything for granted?


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Born in the Dominican Republic on October 4, 1982, Nathalie O. Báez moved to New York on January 13, 1986 and immediately set off to become one with the English language. If you're of the opinion that Nathalie should trade corporate America for a career in the field of words galore you can get your hands on H right here right now or through via a "Nathalie O. Baez" search. H also makes for great gift giving! H is Nathalie's first novel which she started writing a month before her high school graduation and which she completed five months after her college graduation. Nathalie has become a better time manager since then...or so she likes to think. Email address:

Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Publication Date: December, 2004
Genre: Fiction, Sub-genre: Literary
ISBN:  1-4120-4720-x

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