Susan Scott
Sue Scott passed away on March 19, 2008.  She was a truly original person with a tremendous sense of humor and a great gift for writing.  We loved her and will always miss her. 

About Sue:
Sue began writing almost before she could.  She used to dictate books to her mother then illustrate them.  One of these, "The Dog and the Squirrel," still exists today.  She was recently working on three books without pictures and bunches of short stories.  Much of her best humor can be found  on Long Story Short under "Humorosity" .

Sue lived in Maryland with her two cats and part-time support team, who also happened to be a master cookie baker.  When she wasn't writing, she read and kept up with friends.  Turning forty warped her brain even further, and she was taking her fiction into edgier territories than previously explored.

Sue was also Creative Director for the Long Story Short School of Writing. She majored in English in college and since then had written continually and taught/tutored English and creative writing. Sue's work is widely published both on-line and in print magazines and anthologies.  She had two completed novels and a third in the works. Sue participated in Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month) three times and successfully completed her novels.  Read our tribute to Sue.              

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On the Internet and in print:

The Farmer Takes a Wife published on Aboutteens.org
Lizzy published on Aboutteens.org
Old Lang Zine published on Aboutteens.org
Some Day My Prince Will Come published on Aboutteens.org
The Importance of Being Thin published on Aboutteens.org
The Eternal Flame published in Taj Mahal Review
Infection published on ACWClub
Old Lang Zine published on UHad2Bthere.co.uk

Christmas for the Birds, Applecart Mag
The Importance of Being Thin published in Taj Mahal Review
Roaming published in Peeks & Valleys
An Egg for Dad published in Reminisce Magazine
Class Reunion published in Romance Ever After
War Letters published in  Flashquake (Editor’s Award, summer 2003)
A Ludicrous Fairy Tale published Ten Thousand Monkeys
The Bluebeard Society published on The Short Story Showcase
The Case of the Stolen Sock Caper published on The Short Story Showcase
The Pancake published on The Short Story Showcase


Alice in Wonderland
Peter Pan
The Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich
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Sue Grafton
Patricia Cornwell
Helen Fielding
James Patterson
Jane Austin
Nick Sparks, P. D.
James, Nora Roberts
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Joyce Carol Oates
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Pride and Prejudice
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Published on LSS:
"People who take themselves too seriously should be laughed at most thoroughly."
"I write because I literally have to or I'm miserable.  On paper I can soar, the physical limitations of life fall away, become insignificant.  And through words I can reach other people, perhaps make them feel the way I do, give them a glimpse into my soul.  Writing is an amazing gift, one I appreciate and cherish.  Where it will lead me I don't know, but when I get there I'll be ready.  And I'll keep on writing."