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By Floriana Hall

    Approximately ten years ago, at the age of sixty-eight years young, I was inspired in church to write my poem, LOVE NEVER DIES. After having numerous poems published in print and online, I looked into forming a group of poets.

     I am the founder and coordinator of THE POET'S NOOK, a group of local poets who meet on the second Wednesday of each month at Cuyahoga Falls Library, in Ohio. What motivated me to start this group?

    In 1997, after one of the signings of my children's book, SMALL CHANGE, the true story of my life as a child during the Great Depression, I was approached by an elderly woman in the audience. Mary Downing invited me to join her for lunch; it was the beginning of a great friendship.

    Soon Mary asked me if I would like to join her poetry group at Rockynol, where her poet friend resided. The poetry group was very enjoyable, but after her friend passed away, it disintegrated.  I wanted to further the art of poetry and help poets get published, so I started my own group in June 1998.

    I approached Borders Book Store, and was offered an open section of the store.  I also consulted Linda Bayman, Coordinator of the Cuyahoga Falls Library.  She offered us a large room which better suited our purposes.

    I called the group THE POET'S NOOK, and Linda helped us in many ways. 
We published our first book, 'THROUGH OUR EYES, Poems of Beautiful Northeast
Ohio' which contains poems of fifteen poets.   I typed up all of the poems
and edited the manuscript.

     Since then, Linda Bayman has started a poetry group at the North Canton Public Library.  At the present time, Val Moirano is the coordinator of the Cuyahoga Falls library, and continues to help us.

    In April of 2000, National Poetry Month, The Poet's Nook held a Children's Poetry Contest which we now hold annually.  Joyce Bigam of the Children's Department lends a hand, too, and we have a donor for the prize money.

   In 2001, we published our second book, 'POET'S NOOK POTPOURRI.'  This poetry book contains the works of twenty local poets. Some of our poets had never been published before, and their faces lit up like a warm blanket of cheer when they saw their poems and names in print.

    Currently, we have twenty poets in our group ranging in age from forty to ninety-seven. We are all friends and support each other. We are in the process of publishing another book containing the children's prize winning
poetry, as well as our member's poetry.   The title will be 'TOUCHING THE

     One of my goals is to be instrumental in starting more poetry groups at different libraries in other cities.  So if any of you poets out there are interested in starting a poetry group, I will be glad to help you.

    Starting and coordinating a poetry group has been a joy for me. 
the books takes some time and effort on my part, but it also brings a feeling of accomplishment.

By Floriana Hall

     The sun brightly shining
     Love in its bloom
     As fresh as the rose.

     Straightforward and unswerving
     The garden growing
     Trees bearing fruit.

     When only shadows move
     What once was alive
     Has become disenchanted.

     Clouds dropping teardrops
     Heartache prevails
     Dark crawling shadows.

     Responsibility questioned
     Stirring the winds of reprimand
     Brewing thunderous storms.

     Surrounded by a wall
     Bouncing off silhouettes of former self
     Reconciliation not possible.

     Fond remembrance, souvenirs of the past
     An oasis once filled with beauty
     Disappearing shadows and silhouettes.
         Floriana Hall

And THE PEN by Arthur Ford

By Floriana Hall

Plant your own garden
Till your own soil
Cultivate your garden
To God and self be loyal.

Paint it with sunshine
Spray it with showers
Prune all the stray vines
Spend pleasant hours.

Grow your own flowers
Pick them yourself
Don't expect others
To beautify your shelf.

Sow seeds of kindness
A harvest of love
Know that the garden
Comes from God above.

Plant your own garden
Pull your own weeds
Nurture your garden
With love and good deeds.

This poem own 1st prize
- My Ruminations


Poet and Author Floriana Berdyck Hall, born October 2, 1927 in Pittsburgh, Pa.  Wrote for CFHS newspaper, and solicited advertising while working after school. Attended Akron University Business School.

Married to Robert E. Hall, World War II Veteran, since December 31, 1948, five children, nine grandchildren.

Inspired in church to write LOVE NEVER DIES, first published poem which won Editor's Choice Award in The National Library of Poetry's Anthology 'Sea of Treasures.' Has had about 400 poems published in NLP's anthologies, and in various books and magazines in the United States, Great Britain and India, winning many 1st, 2nd, 3rd prizes, many Editor's Choice Awards and Honorable Mentions. Writes poems on request.

She has published books which you can learn about by going to the homepage.

Floriana is a Distinguished Member of ISP-NLP, Honored Writer of Cleveland Poets and Writers League, The Famous Poet's Society, WHO'S WHO IN INTERNATIONAL POETRY, WHO'S WHO IN US WRITERS, EDITORS AND POETS, AND MARQUIS WHO'S WHO IN AMERICA.

Her poetry and short stories have been compared to Poe and Hawthorne by Taj Mahal Review, India, June 2003.   Read out interview with Floriana.
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