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by Shelly Nidetz

I discovered late in life, I’m 77 years young now, that I am grossly dyslexic, and I have ASDS; Attention Span Deficit Syndrome. I wanted more than anything to write my memoirs as a retired police officer. All that time in uniform, I had to look to those Word Books with 40,000 words in them to write simple reports. How in the world could I concentrate long enough to write a story?

Someone suggested I turn off the monitor and worry about the spelling and grammar later. This also gave me a chance to do some stream-of-conscious writing. That was three years ago. I’ve written some 45 short stories, half a dozen poems and I’m on chapter 46 of my grandparent’s story of coming to America form Poland in the late 1800s. Nothing is wrong with my attention span now that I don’t have to stop and check every third word. Oh, did I mention, six of my short stories and four poems have been published?

I’ve spoken to young groups on this subject to assure them that there is no excuse for not writing.

I enjoy storytelling to children of all ages, reading in a quiet place, teaching ventriloquism and writing. I also have a theatrical background and partake when I can and I love jigsaw puzzles. I live in a retirement community in Fort Lauderdale Florida with a Bunny. (My wife.)  Contact Shelly.