a Women Writer's' Showcase
You Know You Are A Writer When . . .   
by Janet Emo

1)  You want to interview your neighbor; even though he is just a Farmer.

2)  Your ideal start of a day is- A hot bath, a cup of coffee and your favorite Writers          Magazine.

3)  You think Stamps are a Great Gift to receive.

4)  You're more anxious to see your mailman than you are your spouse.

5)  You prefer a Writers magazine over Playboy (or Playgirl).

6)  You purposely eavsdrop at restaurants, theatres, etc.

7)  Everywhere you go, or see, or do-you think it would make a great article.

8)  People at the Post Office know you by name.

9)  You prefer your Black box (Computer) over your Spouses Black box (TV).

10) You carry a pen and paper with you at all times.

11) You are more excited about your new “Writers Market Book” than you are about your spouses new Promotion.

12) Your mind just won’t quit thinking about things you can write about next.

13) You would rather be home alone, than at a friends party.

14) Your spouse thinks you love your computer more than you do him (or her).

15) You would rather spend time at the library or online than anywhere else.

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