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Loves Lost
by John Brooke

I lost Marsha, my first delicacy, to a rich New York film director. She and I were 16.

Sharon filled the void. She left to become a Hollywood performer and lesbian. That’s when I began to mistrust woman.

Then delicious Diana, a double-jointed British ballerina pirouetted into my life. She flipped me for a contortionist.

Molly, my right hand assistant, assuaged my broken heart and we became a couple almost forever.

Bootylicious Lulu, with a fixation for alpha males, seduced me. She was soon found robbing some other John, and slithered out of my life. Molly had already moved on.

Next came Stella with the frizzy blond hair, left behind her suicidal spouse and plunged heart first into “La Passion Grande.” She bragged she’d found it with me on and off.

On Stella’s final off, Joan the big-time multinational executive vied her career with me in a bipolar haze. Her prestigious position won her head over my heart.

In time my virility dwindled to a frayed patchwork of passions.

Eros whispered, “Two sincere halves would make you whole again.”

In the end I loved only Daphne and she loved only me.


John Brooke is a graphic artist who writes to entertain; with poems, short stories, flash fiction, novels, articles, essays and screenplays. He lives in a small village on the East Cape in Baja California Sur, Mexico.
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