by David Harrington

After this I found myself standing in the garden of God, when looking up, I saw the clouds part and the sun break through an opening in the sky And there appeared the angel down from heaven, carried by the rays of the sun.
And he stood beside me in all his glory, his eyes flashing like beacons in the night. And he opened his mouth to speak saying, "Don't be afraid: For I have come here to present you with this token from God."

And holding out my hand, he presented me with a Tiny Seed. And looking down at it, I said, "What is it that God would have me do...and what good can possibly come from such a Tiny Seed?"

But the angel perceiving my thoughts answered, "Simply plant it in the midst of God's garden and see." And when I did, behold, up sprung a tree in the midst of God's garden, shining forth with glory from top to bottom.

And darting in and out of the branches of this wondrous tree were seven pairs of songbirds singing a pretty melody. And all throughout the garden I could hear the voices of the seven archangels, and the voices of those who assemble at God's Throne to worship Him with music and prayer, with instruments crafted from the finest gold, brass and wood to enhance their song.

Encircling the trunk of this wondrous tree I saw a marvelous sight: Seven glowing balls suspended above the ground like tiny planets revolving around an invisible sun. And these magnificent spheres were about the size of a man's fist, each one the color of a polished gemstone.

And dangling from the limbs of this wondrous tree I saw another marvelous sight: The seven virtuous fruits of the Spirit of God, which give new promise and hope to those who delight in the Seven Virtues of Faith.

And over beyond this wondrous tree which grows in the midst of God's garden, I saw a beautiful brook flowing down from God's Throne like a pure sparkling waterfall, nourishing its roots and replenishing the fruits year round, iso that whosoever should eat of the tree and drink its crystal clear waters, may be blessed with the gift of eternal life.

David Harrington 
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