Wisp of Light
by Cheryl Williams

She was a weaver of dreams, a poet, a lover. Her dwelling place was anyplace she was needed. Her home was written on the hearts of those who found her and believed in all that she shared.

She perched on crystalline mountains and faded into sunlight, breathing life into those who ventured near. Nothing jaded her, for she held the key to hope and happiness deep within her heart.

She frolicked in the forest, dancing in pure delight. She bathed in rivers, showered in storms and thirstily drank raindrops as they fell from heaven.

She came upon the poor creature quite by accident. He was sitting on a mossy rock crying. His hair was unkempt. His clothes were tattered. His heart was heavy. She could feel the weight…almost as if it were her own.

Like a breath of fresh air, she sat beside him and placed her hand on his own. He could not see her, but he stopped crying and took a deep breath. He had no idea it was she who was breathing new life into him.

She whispered softly in his ear:

Seasons come and go.
Though the winds may chill,
Though the rains may fall,
The sun remains.
The light tirelessly burns
Within us,
Transforming us,
Molding us.
Do not be dismayed.
Joy is within you.
Open your eyes and see.
Your life is not before you.
Your life is now.

She wrapped herself around him, infusing him with all that she had to offer. Warmth and light replaced the chill. Tenderness replaced the raw edges. Hope invaded despair.

Such a tender merging could not go unnoticed, and he could feel his body, his soul responding to all that she had to offer. Suddenly he felt alive and renewed. He closed his eyes and reveled in the sensations that flooded through him, wondering from where they came.

She kissed him softly and chuckled in delight at his transformation, wishing she could answer his questions, wishing she could show herself to him. Still, she knew she had to move on. Others were calling. She could hear their whispers on the breeze.

Cheryl resides in Charlotte, NC.  She is the Charlotte Love & Marriage Examiner for Examiner.com, and has had her work published in various ezines, magazines and journals.  She was also the 3rd place winner in Shine, the Journal's Flash Fiction Contest. Cheryl hopes to inspire others through her writing. Contact Cheryl.