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by Katie Williams

The grass is wet beneath my legs, the mud sticking to my clothes. My hair blows into my eyes, blocking my view and I imagine what would happen if I let the wind blow me off the cliff. Far below I can hear the waves crashing onto the rocks and slamming into the cliff face. Despite the obvious anger of the ocean, I can feel the effects calming me. I'm all alone, the beach far away. But in this weather even the tourists won't brave the mini sand storms and the flying foam from the sea.

I try to breathe in the sea air but nothing will erase the image from my mind. I rub my arms, trying to warm them and wince at the bruises. Blinking quickly I try to stop the tears. I refuse to cry, that will just make me even more pathetic. But no matter how much I try to stop it, the film just keeps replaying in my head. His hands gripping my wrists, his hot breath near my face. Me struggling. He was too strong for me. I could do nothing as he ripped down my pants. And then all I could feel was pain. Pain that wouldn't stop. His hand clamped over my mouth to stop me screaming. Then it was over and I ran out of his house. But not before he had blackmailed me.

“This didn't happen. I know you're sister remember. The same thing could happen to her.”

And then he closed the door.

I didn't dare go home. What would I have done if my mum or someone had seen me? I ran and ran until I felt like I was going to collapse. My feet carried me here to the edge of the cliff and I've stayed here since. Hours have passed. I still have blood on my trousers which even the heavy rain can't wash away.

Edging forwards I look down at the rocks below. I'd do anything to be them right now, with the waves crashing over me, breaking my skin until there is nothing left. Then there would be no pain, no worries, nothing to think about. My mind would be free.

I stand up, my legs shaking, and try to steady myself against the gales. One step is all it would take. One step and nothing but water running through my veins. Water filling my lungs, my brain, my heart. My body would be clean, the fingerprints would wash away, the blood would go.

Over the horizon, a spotlight appears, the sun breaking through the clouds. I stare at it and feel my heart racing. My eyes close and the film still plays, but this time blue fills the screen, distorting the image. A deep breath. Wind rushing past me. My mouth forms a smile. Soon it will be over. And then I am absorbed. My eyes open and all I see is blue, the sun lighting up the ocean.

Katie William: I'm currently a second year student at Bath Spa University studying Creative Writing. I lived in St. Ives, Cornwall, until I was 18, when I moved to university. I have been writing short stories since my early teenage years. Contact Katie.