Bad Decision
by Norman Fagan

Blood from the corner of his mouth, trickled down his chin then slipped silently through the air and down into the red murky water, deep gurgling sounds voiced from the back of his throat, hurled forward gobs of saliva and blood into the sink. Reaching out with his hands, he swooped up the water onto his face, then stared aimlessly into the mirror at his own reflection.

"What have I done?" is whispered, off his lips?

Deep thoughts and bitter remorse, cloud’s his judgement, he thought back to why he ended up in this dreary place. How everything got twisted and deformed, nothing seemed real to him anymore.

"There has to be a way to change what happened?" He invites an answer from his own reflection. Noises from behind beckon him away from the poorly lit bathroom and back into the livingroom.

His wife was standing in the center of the room staring at him, she had her arm around their twelve-year-old son, who showed signs of bruising around his cheeks and eyes.

"Jason O`Halley!" she yelled. He tried desperately not to look directly into his wife’s eyes, but failed, she knew what he had done and it was time to pay the piper.

"Full contact hockey will not be tolerated in this house, especially with your son, do you hear me Jason!"she threw a haunting stare right at him, a cold chill ran up his spine.

"Yes dear, I hear you." Jason bowed his head in submission, then walked out the back door with his son in tow to play non contact hockey.

Norman:   Born 1964 in Brampton, Ontario, parents are John and Catharine have supported my continuous efforts to break into the publishing world. Through my writings of Flash Fiction, short stories, novella’s, novelettes and just recently my first novel. Most of what I write is either science fiction or horror, my goal is to share my imagination with others who enjoy this kind of fiction.  Contact Norman.