by Kathy Weisgerber

  When I lay out in my back yard
  And stare into the sky,
  I want to be up in the clouds-
  If only I could fly.
  If I could fly up to the clouds,
  I'd stay up there all day.
  I'd spend some time on every one,
  And mold each cloud like clay.
  I'd shape a cloud into a slide-
  A bumpy, curvy course,
  And ride it like a cowboy rides
  His wild and bucking horse.
  I'd probably get dizzy
  And want this ride to stop,
  So I'd find another cloud,
  And onto it, I'd hop.
  This time I'd make a mighty castle
  And I would be the king.
  I'd mold a flying, fearsome dragon
  And ride upon his wing.
  We would fly over my castle,
  My dragon friend and I,
  And keep it safe from all invaders,
  They'd never even try.
  But that might get a little dull
  Even from a dragon's wing,
  And so I'd leave my fearsome friend,
  To mold another thing.

The next cloud that I'd hop upon
  I'd shape into a whale.
  He'd take me deep into a cloud sea
  While I held unto his tail.
  We'd swim past dolphins, squids and seals,
  Past coral and sponges, too,
  On our way to buried treasure
  Down in the sea so blue.
  The treasure would turn out to be
  A chest of sunken gold.
  I'd reach into the chest and try
  To grab a bit to hold.
  But as I tried to touch it
  I'd be frightened by a shark.
  My friend, the whale would slam the lid
  And leave him in the dark.
  It's getting late now and my mom
  Is calling really loud.
  But I'll be back tomorrow
  To adventure with more clouds.

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