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Raindrop’s Adventure
By Margaret B. Davidson

           Little Raindrop had lived in a soft, cozy cloud since birth, and he felt warm and safe as he floated far above the Earth.  But now he was sad because he knew that very soon he was going to be pushed out of his snug pillow and dropped all the way to the ground below.  Little Raindrop was afraid.  What if he should land onto one of those long concrete ribbons that he’d heard so much about?  Little Raindrop had been told they were called “roads,” and they didn’t look at all comfortable.   Or what if he should fall into a pile of trash?  Fresh and dewy, Little Raindrop hated the thought of getting himself dirty.

           Just as Little Raindrop was thinking about his uncertain future, his cloud came alive with a spurt of jagged lights that looked like huge yellow forks digging their way into the sky.  Then there was a loud clap of thunder, and Little Raindrop jumped in fright.  Little Raindrop jumped so high that he jumped right out of his cloud!  Now he was alone, and his future lay somewhere far below.

           Little Raindrop’s journey to Earth was scary at first but, luckily, a passing breeze caught him in its arms and slowed his tumble.  The breeze gently lowered Little Raindrop down into a bubbling, singing brook.

           The brook was made up of lots of other raindrops just like him, and they made Little Raindrop feel very welcome.  The brook chattered about how they were all traveling down the mountainside to join the mighty river running in the valley below. Their happiness was catching, and Little Raindrop began to enjoy his new friends.  Down and down they all streamed, dancing among the rocks along the way, their excitement building with each mile that trickled by.

           Suddenly they could see it!  What a mighty river it was, running fast and deep, with a zillion different colors reflecting from its broad surface.  Oh, what a fine home this will be, thought Little Raindrop.

           With a final surge, the brook burst into the mouth of the river.   A party of silver fish skittered and darted among them, welcoming the rushing raindrops.  But Little Raindrop had no sooner settled into this new home than he heard a story from a passing salmon.  The salmon whispered that they would be traveling many, many miles in the great river, and would pass a thousand wonderful sights on their journey, but that their final home would be the sea itself. Salmon would need to turn back before they reached the sea, but the rest of the river’s occupants would soon enter the ocean with much gushing and celebrating by the boisterous waves.

   What an adventure!  Little Raindrop tried to imagine himself tasting of salt.  He gurgled merrily at the thought.

           But it wasn’t meant to happen that Little Raindrop become part of the sea.

           Raindrop had traveled with the wonderful river for many months and he’d been having a marvelous time when, one day, they came to a giant waterfall.  With a great deal of glee, and jostling for the best spot, the raindrops readied themselves for the big drop into a pool far below.  When his turn came, Little Raindrop slipped over the edge of the waterfall with a cry of joy, but in his excitement he made a mistake.  Instead of reaching the pool he landed, with a splat, on a large, flat rock.  Oh no!  Little Raindrop lay there, stunned and panting as the hot sun beat down upon him.  He thought his adventures had come to an end.

           A feeling of lightness overtook Little Raindrop and he began to float upwards, and upwards.  He floated right into the middle of a passing cloud...  The kind cloud took him in and cared for him until he became a round, chubby raindrop once again.

           Little Raindrop knew that some day Mother Cloud would send him off again.  Mother Cloud would send him back down to the ground, but this time he was not afraid.  He was looking forward to another wonderful adventure on Earth.

The End

Born and raised in England, Margaret B. Davidson now resides in upstate New York.  She has close to 250 stories published in small press print and online magazines.  Margaret's husband provides moral support for her writing endeavors, while her cat helps with the typing.  She may be reached at MargaretDa@aol.com.