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A Snake in the Graphs
by E. E. Hills

Shoelace the snake slithered through the graphs laid out on the table, leaving a trail of ink behind him from the ink pot he had just overturned.  He was a very small snake, but his impact on the graphs was anything but small.  His owner yelled with exasperation as she picked him up with one hand while trying to rescue the graphs with the other.  "Shoelace, you pest!  That was my homework.  I don't have time to do it over."  She took him over to the sink where she washed the worst of the ink off him before putting him back in his tank.  Shoelace didn't like that part at all and squirmed very determinedly against his owner's hands.

That part wasn't so bad for his owner, but the table never did come clean and she got a detention from her teacher. He absolutely refused to believe that her snake had ruined her homework.

While Elizabeth has a fondness for all creatures great and small, she has always had a special soft spot for snakes.  Most of her fiction falls into the science fiction and fantasy genres. Contact Elizabeth.