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by  Lisa Dyer

The questions were simple enough: Favorite color? Purple. Favorite flower?

Orchid. Favorite scent? Grass. Favorite food? Crab. Favorite film? That one was a little tougher, but after some thought, he typed in Hatari.

He started whistling, "March of the Elephants" as he continued down the list. Favorite band. Favorite flavor. Favorite sport. Favorite book.

At last he sat back and went back over his responses before he clicked the 'submit profile' button.

Purple. Orchid. Grass. Crab. Hatari...and then E.L.O. Chocolate. None. Kite Runner.

Oh, God. It was one thing to be 'in touch with your feminine side',
but....when it was all laid out in front of him.

He moved his cursor to 'restore default settings', cleared the form and....


Lisa Dyer lives and works in Colorado where she pretends to be a sane, functioning member of society.  Her work can be found in several places,among them: Story Garden, Hiss Quarterly, Opium, All Things Girl and Espresso Fiction. Contact Lisa.