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The Mouse
by Mary J. Webster

Matilda kicked the mouse as hard as she could. It flew through the air and landed ten feet away, motionless. She walked over and poked it a couple of times - the damn thing was dead. Good. It had been running through the walls for three days, bothering everyone. She picked it up and carried it to the kitchen. She tried not to feel sorry for the little thing... it could have lived a happy mouse life... outside. She sighed. You couldn’t have mice running around the house willy-nilly.

The mouse was still warm and it smelled... interesting. She licked it, experimentally. It wasn’t half bad.

“Augh!” Lisa squawked as she walked in and saw her friend licking a rodent. Matilda turned around quickly and twitched her whiskers in amusement. What was the big deal?

Mary J. Webster is a Canadian writer with an English degree and a trucking license. She enjoys SCUBA diving, metal detecting, and digging through the scrap metal pile at the dump. Mary's Website: