• Wrong Side of the Wall by Ella Kennen
  • Streety by Paul H. Yarbrough
  • Strings by Robert Scotellaro
  • Saint or Sinner by Isabel C. Urra
  • Blimp Dollars by Karen L. Wright 
  • Which is Better? by Buck Dopp
  • Running Elk by Buck Dopp
  • Our Flag by Do Alta
  • Rejected by Joe DiBuduo
  • The Creator by Joe DiBuduo
  • Letting Gob by Abi Wyatt
  • It Won’t Eat You If That’s What You’re Afraid Of by Charlie Cole
  • Mushroom Delight by Claire Hay
  • OOPS by Caroline Taylor 
  • Cleo by Sharon H. Greathouse
  • WAR by Russ Heitz
  • DO I? by Tiffanie Monroe
  • FAITH by Gwendolyn-Joyce Mintz
  • WMD by G.A. Scheinoha